Excuse me, Pardon my sarcasm

Excuse me and Pardon My Sarcasm!
As you live, you will learn, you will then be intellectually incline to know that life is what it is and life will just always be life. Life will give you things, it can make you a CEO of a company but it does not care about your occupational level nor is it conscious of your status. It does not care how much you earn or does not earn. What does life cares about you may now ask?

The truth is, no matter what our perspective of life is, life will walk its natural course, and it will fulfill its natural purpose to each and every individual in its own unique way.

Life teaches us and it must show us its own perspective by advocating itself in infinite ways.

Life is fulfilling and meaningful to your self-development and self-knowledge, but the truest test of what you have acquired is reality. Its real, it is pure, it is not fake, it will take you up higher than any roller coaster can and whether you are looking or not, like a dust that runs away from the presence of broom, that’s how life will alter and sweep you spotless off your feet.

It will then say to you “excuse me, pardon my sarcasm

So you must open your mind, and open your eyes, educate your mind and then eye the world through the eyes of an intellectual mind.  Life is about learning and it is so clear that Stevie wonder didn’t need a light, he remained into the darkness but there was a ray that gave hope and it Charles (charm) through the darkness, and found its way through the lives of people. It made the world see the reality of two men who saw in darkness, but made them see what their thoughts were, who they were and how this world should be. They did it with music, and even a couple keys, it couldn’t unlock doors, but piano was all these men would need. “Excuse me, pardon my sarcasm” it’s not life speaking, but this time it is me. I want to send to you my apologies and all my condolen-you see I strayed off the topic of the invitee, now let’s re-invite the stranger I called reality.
Excuse me, pardon my sarcasm” but life will persuay you like a man with a punch line and a bunch of the sweetest roses, it will punch you in the gut and cause you to dispose of its sweetest words, and bring death to your handful of roses.

But through the midst of it all, it doesn’t matter how Tyson (hard) of a hit you get, you must say I am mike and get up, and if your too tired to get up and box your way through the blows of Hollyfield (life), then you get back to sparing, for this means you have been defeated, but not entirely because you are now prepared to face Evander (life) again.
Excuse me, pardon my sarcasm, for if you lose the fight again, I (life) said you will be prepared, not to win, for even through preparation you may lose the fight, but sometimes it does not matter if you win, it only matters that you finish your fight. The lesson in that supersedes the benefits of a trophy that can be broken or stolen. There’s no standing ovation from life, you will not get any life time achievement award from reality, and only humans give you that.
Be a student of Life’s Sarcasm University, be at the front of the class or at the back.
 Excuse me, pardon my sarcasm, but life does not care. I am not sure if you can ever be ready for life’s test, but I know the lecturer of life, her name is reality and she gives no repeat of any test. You are never a graduate. There is no degree, diploma, and certificate. Even after you die, you are still a student. There’s another university by the name of ‘After Life University.
School is over for today.

Go home and study hard for no man knows the content of tomorrows test.

Written by: Georgandez Morrison


Darkness and light, it can be the color of our skin. 
Darkness and light it can be the motive for a frown or a grin.
Darkness and light, it can affect the depth of our intellect.
Darkness and light, holds a door to which we are that we can detect.
Darkness and light, it affects the way we live,
Bring light to your darkness, it will change your negative to positive.
Darkness into light, it will lives within the depths of our heart,
It will spoil every reason for happiness, like a thunderous Storm.
Light to darkness, enlighten your world, a simple gleam of light can change your insight, and renew your old world.
Light to darkness, it can be found in a book, with the attempt of a look, it will change your overall outlook.
Each light has the right to shine and we all have the right to let our light shine,
So go! Go shine your light whether it is dim, bright or low, because when all lights shine together, it will change the worlds overall outlook.

Written by: Georgandez Morrison


I slept while my subconscious mind was still awake listening to the chirpy sound of a bird that danced in the trees of the forest that was miles away.

I twisted and turned in the comfort of my bed, my eyes slightly opened and I whispered "oh dear bird will you go to bed?". My weary eyes escorted me back to sleep, but my subconscious mind stayed around for the karaoke. It was that of a great upkeep.

Though the silence of the bird never came to an end.
My subconscious mind went into a state that any conscious body could not of transcend.

Suddenly I woke up into a prophetical dream.
I saw myself sleeping and listening to the screaming sound of a tweeting bird.

It tweet and tweeted, it was now at my windowpane, seeking to grab my attention.
It danced and danced mellowed in its ways.
My patience got weaker and my eyes are wide awake.

Dear bird "I am all yours, now let’s hear what you have to say". I flipped over my sheet and sat to the edge of my bed, I shifted my curtains and "tweet,tweet,tweet was what the dear bird said.

My eyes gazed closely and watched as the bird danced and tweet.
He nudged my window with the tip of his beak.

I rouse from my dream to live my reality. I looked at my watch and it was 8:30.

(In my interpretation could this bird be an informant, to inform me of something bad or good...to me this bird was a messenger and I hope its message I did not misunderstood. The number 8 in 8:30 is a symbol of good, as well as new beginnings. So I now think, hoping not to over think what kind of good news I am going to get? Then again this message may not be for me, and something that someone else might regret.) 

Written by : Georgandez Morrison



(In photo: Georgandez Morrison & His Fiance)

When I thirst for water I let you drink first, when I am dehydrated for love, I let you feel loved first.

Whenever there are obstacles I move them out the way, just like how I moved your hair so you could drink water from the fountain that day.

Now I pray that my love fills you more than eight (8) ounces and more than (8) times of the day and if I ever fall short, I'll apologize and get down on my knees and pray.

On this day I stand in our love as I stand to quench your thirst, with water as clear and as pure as my love, to see you satisfied quenches my own thirst.

Now that our mind, body, and soul is fully replenished and vitalized as the green in our scenery.

Our love, our faith, our trust, our bond, and our foundation will be as fruitful as the trees planted by the rivers of water and we will bare fruit in and out of our season.

I love you.
Written by : Georgandez Morrison



I look inside the differences of people and I see all the errors and mistakes which make them perfect and I see all the success that makes them imperfect. I then think to myself what a wonderful
I look inside their eyes, and I see inside them, the things a blind man could see, even though he is disguised by the darkness of his own eyes.

I look inside their eyes and I generalize the unintentional lies, that lye under the surface of their smiles,
it’s not intentional that they lie to me or you, they only say "I am ok" because being strong is the only thing that they can do.

I look inside their laughter, and I try to find the joke that their laughter is following after. Then I realize they contain such pain, that the simplicity of a joke is all their heart and soul seeks to gain.

I look inside their kind gesture, I do not take it as their weakness, because it would make them oppressed and me being a foolish oppressor, so I give them words that hug their soul, they now call me a caresser.
 I look inside their steps and my eyes see their weary knees crying to get some rest. "The journey must go on" replied the shoe which prints perseverance in their every step.
I look inside their garments and I see the different stitches that not just weld their garments together, but it welds together the details of their internal wounds. Their philosophy is "dressing good, will make me feel good, oh yes, yes, yes it will insure my abrasive interior wounds ".

 I look inside their confidence, and I see just how con they are and how dense they feel, the pressure of reality is more confident to make you feel the way you feel, your confidence is fake and reality is real.

I look inside their posture, I smize at how much your shoulders want to fall and lean, but your spinal cord stands straight, forcing your chest out and shoulders back. The spinal cord imitates the shoe, now they both fail to give in.

 I look inside you and I see so much of me. I am you and you are so much of me.

Written by : Georgandez Morrison

When we look into the mirror does the reflection that we see is always true? Or are we just a bunch of liars, are we being deceptive and the reflection portrayed in a mirror is the only thing that is true. Dig deep, listen to me, and hear me out. Be careful of the image that we create to portray to the mirror (which is ourselves), because that image can either make or give us broken mirrors. If the man in the mirror is not exactly who you are, or who you want to be, then a person must first accept themselves for who they presently are, before they can be desirous to develop and to evolve into the person who they want to be.
The hardest thing about changing the reflection that you see in the mirror, will be changing the perception of the past reflection that people embrace, to the present reflection of who you are. But it is imperative for one to know that you have no dominion over the thoughts of people, and each living individual on this earth has their right and is entitled to state their own opinion of you. The opinion of people maybe good or bad and it can be wrong or right, but their opinion of you is zero percent (0%) of your business. In other words, it is none of your business. The good critique or opinion of others is to be appreciated and to be shown gratitude for, but do not dwell on these opinions, neither should you use these opinions to build yourself. The danger of using good critique or opinion to build yourself is that the opinion of people alters from time to time and it can be changed by myriad of mediums. The influences of other people remain as the most dominant medium. People can make you in order to break you.

So proud and truthful to who you are and allow yourself to accept who you are.

By demonstrating self acceptance, the world will automatically accept you for who you are.

Now take your own opinion and let the world see what's true.

Written by: Georgandez Morrison


When we look into the mirror does the reflection that we see is always true? Or are we just a bunch of liars, being deceptive and the reflection portrayed are the only thing that is true. Dig deep, listen to me, hear me out, because I may prove all that lye or the literal lies within us, now tell me is this true. Take your own opinion and let me know what’s true.
Be careful of the image that we create to portray to the mirror (which is ourselves), because that image can either make or give us broken mirrors. 

Written by: Georgandez Morrison