What do you say about you?

“There is no power that resides in the words of peoples' comments.
  The power lies in what you say about you”.

When the world whispers, “You will never be happy" What do you say about you?

When the world whispers, "It is impossible". What do you say about you?

When the world whispers, "The odds are against you". What do you say about you?

When the world laughs and whispers, “You have failed every test, and a re-sit will only be a re-occurrence of the previous failed tests". What do you say about you?

When the world screeches, “Ahh!! Stay down, you can't get up, say uncle, you won't win, so give up". What do you say about you?

When the world is conceited in its own beauty, and whispers, "telling you that you are beautiful is not its duty". What do you say about you?

When the world doesn't whisper, "I love you". What do you say about you?

Moses was a man of God who possessed vast amount of wisdom, faith, strength and power that God withdrew these attributes of his spirit and apportion it among seventy (70) elders.

You too possess these strengths and attributes.

You too have enormous amount of strength, wisdom and power to positively influence others.

As people we are all placed on a battle ground. The battle is either among us or it is among people, but do not use your weapons to fight what people or what the world may have to say about you.

It is not what they say about you which matters, it is what you say about you that matters and that will threaten your destiny.

"You cannot be defeated by their comments; you are only defeated by what you say about yourself!" 
- Bishop T.D. Jakes

                        WHAT ARE YOU SAYING ABOUT YOU TODAY?

Written by: Georgandez Morrison


   Morning Inspiration 
                                                                            Finish Your Race

The title of this morning's inspiration comes from a Tanzanian man by the name of John Stephen Akhwari. John Stephen Akhwari is a track and field marathon runner who ran and finished last at the 1968 Olympics which was hosted in Mexico City. Many News writers, journalists and commentators across the many corners of the world articulated their statements which were based on statistics, that never in the history of marathon, a last place finisher had ever finished quite so last. The Tanzanian man had the utmost hope of winning; John Akhwari legs lifted high, pushed forward and then aimed low as his feet crashes on the floor and dashed across the track pavement.
         Suddenly John Akhwari was brought to the depths of the track pavement. He had incurred a devastating knee injury and a dislocated joint from the impact of his shoulder hitting hard against the pavement. Though his chances of winning the race was now sleeping in the shadows his opponents, John Akhwari had no intentions of giving up.

He hobbled himself into the stadium with his leg bloodied and bandaged. It was more than an hour after the rest of his competitors (runners) had completed the race. There were only a few spectators that were left in the stands. It didn’t stop John Akhwari, he kept going until he finally crossed the finishing line.

When asked why he continued to run despite the pain, Akhwari replied, "My country did not send me to Mexico City to start the race. They sent me here to finish the race."

 I am here to say that on your journey to success there are going to be injures, pains, obstacles, and hurts, but the only failure there is, is if you give up.

You ought to look up, get up, stand up and bandage your wounds, hurts, pains and hop and hobble your way to the end of your journey. Hebrews 12:1 states that “there is a race that is set before us" and we are to keep running until we reach the finish line.

 Sometimes it is not about winning, but its more about finishing. If you finish what you started, it means that you did not quit, it signifies that you did not give up. It simply means that you have completed your assignment despite all odds. Finishing your race will give you endurance, and endurance will have its way into your life, and make you ready and fit to run another marathon to success.

Greatness is not only achieved by the special people among us, but greatness can be achieved by all.

Greatness can be achieved by you the reader who is reading this morning's inspiration.

Do not give up!
Finish what you started!
Finish your journey!
Finish your race

Written by: Georgandez Morrison

                                                        Morning inspiration

Wherever you are in the world, male or female, this message is for you. If you are going to work, school, supermarket, or for a doctors visit and you got dressed through frustration, pain, anger, hurt, sorrow or maybe you have a cold infection like me right now. Then today is not like the other days where you left your house smiling, happy, confident or full-filled. God wants me to let you know that its OK, he wants me to let you that its natural to wake up and not feel as happy, confident or as productive as yesterday. He wants you to know that everyday cannot be the same. He wants you to know that there is a upside to your pain, hurt, frustration, anger, sorrow, disappointments, illness and that these hardships can be good for your soul. The writer of Ecclesiastes states that "sorrow is better than laughter, for by a sad countenance the heart is made better" (7:3). The sorrow that you face today maybe better than your laughter of yesterday. A laughter can be fake, but sorrows are real and they can help you to discover not only your hidden strengths, but sorrows can reveal all your hidden weaknesses and it will teach you how to make those weaknesses your strength. The weight of your sorrow, pain, and frustration helps us to seek God and see him in ways we have never imagine. Job stated that it was out of his tragic grief " that i have heard of you by the hearing of the ear, but now my eye sees you" (Job 42:5). What ever your trial maybe at this moment, change your perception and it will allow you to open your eyes wider and see god in a different way. 
Find your upside!
Written by: Georgandez Morrison    

"The Lord is the one who goes ahead of you, He will be with you. He will not fail you or forsake you. Do not fear or be dismayed." - Deuteronomy (31: 8)
Though Iife may get tough. Go ahead!
Though you maybe ill. Go ahead!
Though you maybe discouraged. Go ahead!
Though you maybe weak. Go ahead!
Though you maybe tired. Go ahead
Though you maybe crying. Go ahead!
Though you maybe feeling lost and discombobulated. Go ahead!
Though you may lose friends. Go ahead!
Though your journey maybe a lonely one. Go ahead!
Though people may not understand you. Go ahead!
Though people may critique you. Go ahead!
Though people may not believe in you. Go ahead!
Though you maybe low on self belief. Go ahead!
Though you maybe low on endurance. Go ahead!
Though you maybe low on determination. Go ahead!
Though your expenses may exceed your income. Go ahead!
Though you maybe unemployed. Go ahead!
Though you may have lost your job. Go ahead!
Though you may have dropped out of school. Go ahead!
Though you maybe going through a rough divorce. Go ahead!
Though your family maybe falling apart. Go ahead!
Though your child or children maybe misguided and submit to peer pressure.  Go ahead!

Whatever your situation maybe this morning. It is important for you to know that life will be moving on with or without you. So pick yourself up, trust God. Go ahead!

By: Georgandez Morrison

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