The Power of Puppies


An internet source provider tell us that “an advertisement is mass media content intended to persuade or convince its audiences of readers, viewers or listeners to take action on products, services and ideas”.

The fact behind commercials/advertisements is that they rely heavily on emotive appeal. Their aim is to use a combination of opinions, facts and convincing techniques to capture the attention and emotion of its readers and viewers.

Now have you ever wondered why you are so attached to that “Budweiser Super Bowl XLVIII Commercial entitled 'Puppy Love’ (Watch it at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uQB7QRyF4p4)


One prominent convincing or persuasive technique that advertising companies use is


YES!!.. Puppies.


The fact about using puppies is they are used as a branding and advertising strategy to allure and seize the attention of its viewers. The use of puppies triggers our soft and compassionate emotions and links that emotional attachment between the viewer and the product being advertised. (Or should I say the puppy being advertised).

Hint 1:  

Be watchful for a lot of puppy commercials during this Super Bowl weekend.

Think its fiction; WATCH the “Go Daddy Super Bowl 2015 Puppy Ad, Go Daddy XLIX Puppy Commercial Ad" Watch VIDEO at:

Hint 2:

The next time your spouse penalizes you for spending TOO MUCH, reply “The puppy made me do it”

Written by Georgandez Morrison

                                                                                                   THE HISTORY OF

Mary: Hey Tim, Are you OK?
Tim: Yes Mary, I am OK, are you OK?

Survey tells that the average person uses the term or abbreviation "Ok" over one hundred (100) times in their everyday vocabulary, texting, and thoughts.

The term "Ok" is so easily used that it will jokenly have a new born baby uttering "Ok" before it says "mama" or "dada". Leaving its parents upset and jealous. (Fiction)

The term "Ok" is used in our everyday speech to denote approval, acceptance, and acknowledgment.
AND of course, we know that it is an adjective.

But just how much more do you know about the term or abbreviation "Ok"?


The fact which stands behind this trend term is:

The term was orginated from the prominance of the 1840 president of the United States of America,  Martin Van Buren.

In his earlier days, Martin Van Buren lived at a village called Old Kinderhook which was located in the town of Kinderhook, New York. Anyone who was from Old Kindhook was dubbed to be "kool", in other words you were popular.

So whenever on goers saw Martin Van Buren they would abbreviate the village of Old Kinderhook and say “that guy is OK".


Written by: Georgandez Morrison

                                             THE BEST WATER IN THE WORLD


The city of New York has the best water in the world? This is a Fact.

Why does New York City has the best water in the world?

A research was once done by Harvard University where its professors compared the contents of Evian Water which flows from natural springs on the south shore of Lake Geneva and the contents of New York City’s water which flows from faucets and mountain areas such as the Esopus Creek. 

During the research both waters possessed similarities which left professors unable to distinguish between both waters.

It was later said that the reason for this is because New York City creates a water system which transport and distribute the city’s water and this system is made of cooper. 

The content of cooper does not get rusty, which means there is less chemical pollution.

Written by: Georgandez Morrison

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