It was a bright and early morning, when a psychology teacher stepped inside her classroom.
The students sensed a difference in her dress code, and with no glare of doubt the students knew they were opted for something special.
Suddenly, the teacher got up from her chair and the silence of her walk complimented the consent of her journey around the classroom as she raised a glass that had halfway consumed water.

The teacher’s concept had not reached its verdict, but like a judge, the attention of her students had already been arrested and it was about to be summoned to a lifetime in prison with hard labour. (Her message serves as a lifetime lesson to be learnt and it is never to be decayed)
The students expected to be asked a half way full, or half way empty question.
The teacher smiled at the desperate curiosity on their faces and inquired “How heavy is this glass of water?” The students replied “8 ounces, 10ounces, 20 ounces etc”

The psychology teacher replied “the absolute weight of the glass does not matter, what matter is how long you hold the glass of water. If you hold it for a minute it is not a problem, if you hold it for an hour your arm will become numb and if you hold it for a day your arm will become paralyzed.”

The teacher further lamented “in each case the weight of the glass does not change, but the longer you hold it, the heavier the glass becomes.”

She continued,
“Your stress and worries in life are similar to the glass of water, if you think about them or hold on to them for a while, then nothing will happen, if you think or hold on to them a bit longer then it will begin to hurt you and if you think about them or if you hold on to them all day long. You will feel paralyzed and incapable of doing anything,”

Your glass/cup maybe full, but as you close the curtains on your day, it is critical for you to let go of all worries and dilemma that today may have brought you.
Wherever your problems have started, when you reach the comfort of your home, ensure that your problems and worries are left buried at its preliminary point. This is done so that your mind will be at ease and that you will be at peace when your head hits your pillow to fall asleep.

It is easy to get side tracked by problems, especially problems that do not matter at life’s end.

Written by: Georgandez Morrison

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