Monday, 19 January 2015


                                                       SEATTLE HAWKS NFC CHAMPIONS

                                            SEATTLE HAWKS ARE THE CHAMPION OF THE NFC
Jet planes glides through the sky as the Sunday afternoon showdown between the GREEN BAY PACKERS and the SEATTLE HAWKS. The battle began with the ceremonial singing of the national anthem of the United States of America.
The first point of the game was appointed to the Green Bay Packers with approximately 8 minutes remaining on the clock.
The point was later REVERSED as the officials found the play to be ILLEGAL.
It was minutes later into the game when the offensive coordinator of the Green Bay Packers brought out Mason Crosby who earned the first point of the game from Eighteen (18) yards out.
  MASON CROSBY'S field goal was legal and irreversible.
The second (2nd) point of the game between GREEN BAY and SEATTLE came in the latter part of the game from a familiar name by “MASON CROSBY".
The rookie place kicker for the Green Bay Packers produced another fine kick from Nineteen (19) yards into the end zone.
The rookie had now appointed the GREEN BAY PACKERS with a Six (6) point to nil (6-0) lead in the first quarter of the NFC title game, with only Five minutes and seven seconds (5:07) to go.
The end of the first quarter drew near, and the rookies of Green bay were outshining.
SUDDENLY Richie Rodgers, the tight end of the Green Bay Packers bullied his way and seized position for 1st and 10.
A follow up play by Eddie Lacy of Green Bay took the spiral (ball) Fifteen (15) yards closer into the red zone of the Seattle Hawks.
With almost a MINUTE left, Aaron Rodgers hobbled left, stumbled right and stepped forward, leaving the defense of Seattle on their knees, before tossing to Randall Cobb who found an open spot for a TOUCH DOWN.
Mason Crosby aimed for perfection as he kicked Three for Three (3 of 3), earning his third (3rd) field goal of the competition.
The Green Bay Packers climbed the score table with 16 points.
The second interception of the game came with Nine minutes and Forty seconds (9:40) in the second (2nd) quarter.
Clinton-Dix made an interception and ran for Fifteen (15) yards before being taken down. This tallied for Two (2) turnovers for the star quarter back of the Seattle hawks, Russell Wilson.
The rain poured into Eight minutes and Thirty seconds (8:30) into the game, when the table had turned by a spectacular interception by Byron Maxwell of the Seattle Sea hawks.

Life was momentarily refurbished in the audience, players, bench and coaches of the Seattle Hawks as quarter back, Russell Wilson completed his FIRST pass of the Sunday show down, earning the hawks a first (1st) down.

The halftime score depicted 16-0.

The rookies of the Green Bay Packers weren’t the only ones who were packing showmanship, as the undrafted rookie of the Seattle Hawks, Garry Gilliam, who plays at offensive tackle fed the crave of the crowd when he caught a fake attempt at a field goal which was tossed by Jon Ryan of the Seattle Hawks.

This was his first touchdown of his rookie season with the Seattle Sea hawks.

The score was now 16-7.

Despite Russell Wilson being picked off from a deflection which led the Green Bay to their Fourth (4th) interception, the spirits of the Seattle Sea hawks offensive and defensive players was not entirely weakened as it was re invigorated by Russell Wilson’s throw to Marshawn Lynch. Lynch skipped and limped his way on the chalk line of the outbound of the field.

He made his way for a questionable and controversial touchdown.

It was later reversed, as officials found his feet to be out of bounds. “No problem” said the Seattle Sea-hawks quarter back, Russell Wilson. He later on made it a five (5) point game when he ran for calm touchdown.

Roaring of the crowd echoed throughout the stadium when Chris Matthews intercepted the spiral (ball) from a missed catch by the Green Bay Packers.

The Green Bay Packer team stood hopelessly in disbelief as their hope and chances of winning the NFC title was now showering down the drain. Marshawn Lynch ran with his feet in bounds and in place, as he daggers his way for a Seattle touchdown.

Moments later, Luke Wilson threw an over the back pass which led for another Sea Hawks touchdown.

The score was now 19 – 22. Seattle convicted the lead.
Only One Thirty-Five (:35) seconds of lifespan had left in the game, a brilliant choice was made by the offensive coordinators of the Packer’s team during a timeout, as Mason Crosby who had a difficult year tied the game 22-22 with another field goal.

The best was saved for last. There was only seconds remaining on the clock and the football Gods have decided to smile upon Seattle.

A perfectly thrown ball by Russell Wilson was caught and ended the game with a breath taking 28 victory points over the Green Bay Packers.

The Seattle Hawks won.

They will now face Tom Brady and his perilous Patriots in the NFL Super Bowl XLIX, on
Sunday, February 1, 6:30 PM, at the University of Phoenix Stadium, Glendale, Arizona

Written by: Georgandez Morrison


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