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Born in the tropical island of Kingston, Jamaica is the alluring twenty-two year old, Miss Jamaica Universe 2014, Kaci Fennell. Kaci Fennell was raised by her father, Michael Fennell Jnr. and mother, Kim Fennell in the community of Hope Pastures, Kingston 6, which is located in the parish of St. Andrew. 

Kaci Fennell is the first and only girl of her two siblings, Michael Fennell and Phillip Fennell. She had a happy and ordinary childhood, a childhood that can be compared to that of the average child which includes, riding her bicycle, slithering in her skates and of course, the everyday face-off between herself and her second (2nd) eldest brother, Michael Fennell is the added spice to the Fennell’s family. Let’s not forget her dog, Storm.

Kaci Fennell’s childhood education began at St. Peter & Paul Preparatory School and as she blossomed, she advanced to pursue her secondary education at the St. Andrew High School for girls which is also located in the parish of St. Andrew.

The modelling career of Kaci Fennell started when the eyes of Cape Town, South Africa squinted at images of Kaci Fennell. It is believed that the images of Kaci Fennell were sent to agents of Base Modelling Agency which resides in Cape Town South Africa by a relative of the Fennell family. She was only nineteen (19) years of age.

Kaci was later astonished and elated when she got unforeseen news that her images had peaked the interest of the South Africa centered modelling agency, Base Modelling Agency and they were now ready to meet the elegance and edge of the future Miss Jamaica Universe.

Kaci later travelled to Cape Town, Africa where she was officially signed to Base Modelling Agency. During the duration of her four (4) months visit, Kaci Fennell was opted for the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week. 


The compilation of Kaci Fennell’s test shots was photographed by one of Cape Town’s finest fashion photographer, Marnus Meyers. The images painted a clear and deliberate message, “SUCCESS”. 

The scorching hot images of Kaci Fennell indeed sent and delivered a profound message to its targeted recipients, which left them without choice and doubt. She was irresistible and to them it was love at first sight.

The 5’9, 1.76 meter, dark hair, brown skin, chocolate eye girl from the community of Hope Pastures, in the small island of Kingston, Jamaica was now breathing the reality of her dream. 

Kaci Fennell’s modelling resume was updated with a new work history which comprises of Kaci being on the cover of Nirvana Magazine’s fourth (4th) edition, The Beauty Issue Magazine, Buzz Magazine, SHE Caribbean Magazine, and among myriad of other prestigious clients.

Kaci is a proud and true Jamaican; she is rooted in her culture, so it was inevitable that she would eagerly represent local magazines and companies from her country or as she would call it, “yaad”.

Kaci represented and appeared in the local Jamaica Observer's, Style Observer and The Jamaica Gleaner’s, Flair and Outlook Magazines. 

In recent times, Kaci Fennell and I represented one of Jamaica’s most prestigious, sophisticated, fashionably inclined, and go to Optical Company, ‘Eye Q Optical’ on Jamaica’s live morning time TV-Show, ‘SMILE JAMAICA TVJ’. Kaci had a positive influential attendance and it was easy to predict that this sculptured statue face girl would be destined for further greatness one (1) day.

Despite Kaci Fennell’s share of success from her modelling career that was served, she was poised, she was gifted, and she was destined for something that was slaying inside of her, something that supersedes her own imagination.

This was her call!

Kaci Fennell never departed from her true love. This love wasn’t sanctioned to be spelt L.O.V.E, instead it was spelt P.A.G.E.A.N.T. and it contained one of few key vowels that are established in the word LOVE. This vowel is “E”, which profoundly stand to express itself as ‘ETERNITY’.

Kaci’s dream/journey of entering and winning the Miss Jamaica Universe pageant was about to begin and it was about to become an eternal reality.

At the tender age of eight (8), young Kaci Fennell adhered to her calling. Kaci Fennell was too young to enter the Miss Jamaica Universe pageant, and so little Kaci began to watch beauty pageants. She admired the life, career and beauty of former Miss. Universe, Sandra Foster, who in previous years detained the title Miss Jamaica Universe in the year 1989, Sandra Foster also represented Jamaica at 
Miss. Universe 1989 and was placed in the top ten (10) rankings. Sandra Foster later wore another crown when she won Miss Jamaica World in 1991. 

Kaci also observed the likes of Miss. Kimberley Mais and Nicole Haughton who were both placed in the top ten (10) of the Miss Universe pageant in 1991 and 1999 respectively.

The foundation was set, and the ground work was now with effect.

In 2014 the crown of Miss Jamaica Universe was first on her list and the journey of twenty-one year old Kaci Fennell became more evident as she entered the Miss Jamaica Universe Pageant.

“Victory loves preparation” – Frank Rivera

Though Kaci Fennell entered the Miss Jamaica Universe Pageant with utmost confidence of victory, the prestigious Miss Jamaica Universe Pageant is impulsive, astonishing, and most of all anti- prejudice.

It was her preparation that solidified her groundwork into the victorious history book of the Miss Jamaica Universe pageant.

The five (5) days a week gym sessions and the supplementary deportment classes, speech lessons, dietary plans, and personal development are only a few of her preparations.

The elimination round took place on June 29, 2014.

The contestants were elegantly lavished in Carvalho Boutique’s garments as they made their arrival at the Pegasus Hotel in the city of Kingston.

The elimination round was completed and only nineteen (19) female contestants stood relieved in their swimwear. The nineteen (19) contestants that were opt for the finals of the Miss Jamaica Universe were; Roxanne Lewis, Trisha Maloney, Chanique James, Shantana Folkes, Dianne Brown, Christine Suragh, Kimar Muir, Angel Harrison, Sashana Barker, Soyini Phillips, Mary Jean Hinds, Diedre McKenzie, Zandrea Bailey, Davia Lynch, Princess Fraser, Roshelle McKinley, Shanice Rerrie, and Saneta Kerr.

The twenty-one (21) year old Kaci Fennell stood fourth (4th) in line of a batch of ten (10) Miss. Jamaica Universe finalists.

Kaci Fennell was now selected and she was a step closer to her dream

“No man is an island. No man stands alone” – Dennis Brown
During her journey, Kaci Fennell had optimal support!
From the helpful hand of her younger brother, Phillip who assisted his older sibling, Kaci Fennell with unpacking on exhausting nights, to the endless motivation and support of her mother, father, grandparents, nieces, aunts, uncles, neighbours, friends and the strongest support of all, ‘The PEOPLE OF JAMAICA’.

She was motivated to be better.

The winner will receive a 2015 Hyundai Grand I10 car as well as cash and other prizes. 

The winner will represent Jamaica at the Miss Universe finals.

The Miss Jamaica Universe was now at its concluding stages.

The hard work was cultivated, the elimination round has passed, and Jamaica now sits anxiously on the crashing waves of the Caribbean Sea, awaiting the crowning of its Miss Jamaica Universe 2014.

On August 30, 2014, patrons filled the Karl Hendrickson auditorium at Jamaica College and viewers overflowed the television networks as they tuned in for the live staging of the Miss Jamaica Universe 2014.

Anxiety stalked the atmosphere, nerves strolled within the structure of all nineteen (19) contestants’ bones, as their words climbed from the depths of their trembling knees to be spoken by the vibrating rhythm of their lips. They were being challenged.

The island of Jamaica sat patiently, though it was getting impatient, the island of Jamaica sat comfortable on the sea of the Caribbean, withholding its impatience, it didn’t get aggravated and pour out its heavy rain to ruin the moment. No it did not. The island of Jamaican did not entertain a hurricane, though it was in its season of its hurricane. The Island of Jamaica kept its composure and so did the people of Jamaica.


The challenge is over, and the questions have elapsed. The Crown of Miss Jamaica Universe waits to be possessed. The crowd silenced, televised viewers are at pause and without a rod or staff the island of Kingston, Jamaica commanded the surrounding sea to be still.

The judges stalled.

All nineteen (19) contestants are now in a momentary state of reflection, as they hold hands, heads bowed and reflecting on their journey.

Whispering in the secret of her mind “Don’t cry, don’t cry”

“Kaci Fennell !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” uttered the judges, the Miss Jamaica Universe 2014 was announced.


Miss. Universe
Family, friends, neighbours, Jamaica, and the entire world now express their unity, love and support for Kaci Fennell as they await the crowning of the 63rd Miss Universe, the pageant is set for Sunday, 

January 25, 2015 in Doral, Miami.
Watch family & friends show their support to Kaci Fennell at:



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